Buffalo Demo Derby

The Buffalo Demo Derby is a full night of destruction and mayhem!! Come join us for an evening of demolition derby fun!!

2019 Demo Results

Thank you to all of our Heat Sponsors for their support in making this event such a success!!

From all of us at the Buffalo Demolition Derby, we would like to thank each one of our contestants for putting on a great show and we look forward to seeing each of you return on September 19th, 2020.

Full Size Weld

Sponsored by: E&M Outdoor Services/DR Motorsports

1st Place:    Drew Karels

2nd Place:   Jake Grangroth

3rd Place:    TJ Karels

4th Place:    Cody Utne

Mad Dog Winner:   Drew Karels


Sponsored by: EG Autoworks

1st Place:   Chad Strand

2nd Place:  Laura Hoiland

3rd Place:   Josh Gallagher

4th Place:   Adam Maurer

Mad Dog Winner:  Andrew Kresal

Mid-Size FWD

Sponsored by: Buffalo Collision/Zitzloff Snow & Lawn

1st Place:   Zach Bidwell 

2nd Place: Brandon Karels 

3rd Place:  Key Johnson

4th Place:  Austin Brandford

Mad Dog Winner:  Austin Brandford


Sponsored by: Click-Click-Boom Gun Shop
1st Place:   Bryson Karels

2nd Place:  Wiley Wiegert
3rd Place:   Dillon Skiles
4th Place:   Dylan Grangroth
Mad Dog Winner:  Dylan Grangroth

Mighty Minis

Sponsored by: Shorty's Recycling/The Lake Bowl

1st Place:    Drew Karels

2nd Place:  Austin Hofstad

3rd Place:   Chad Stoppelman

4th Place:   Brandon Karels

Mad Dog Winner:  Chad Stoppelman


Sponsored by: Milhausen Auto & Truck Repair

​                           Napa of Cokato & Winsted

1st Place:    Angela Banke

2nd Place:   Jake Brangroth

3rd Place:   Zach Grangroth

4th Place:   Matt Sundell

Mad Dog Winner:  Zach Grangroth

Powder Puff

Sponsored by: Millerbernd Manufacturing

1st Place:   Ashley Karels

2nd Place:  Tiranda Pipo

3rd Place:   Jen Strand

4th Place:   Shaley Painschab

Mad Dog Winner:  Ashley Karels

Chain Stock

Sponsored by: Uptown Bar & Grill of Waverly

1st Place:   Drew Karels

2nd Place:  Guy Skiles

3rd Place:   Patrick Busch

4th Place:   Jake Grangroth

Mad Dog Winner:  Dave Marketon